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Beautifying your Katy, Texas property

For reliable landscaping and tree health assistance in Katy, Texas, turn to Mason Trees. Led by Justin Mason, certified arborist, we deliver a full slate of outdoor services at prices that won’t break the bank. From tree removal after a storm to full landscape and hardscape design, we are ready to enhance your curb appeal. To learn more or schedule a consultation, call us at 832-472-7372.

Welcome to Mason Trees

About Mason Trees

The Mason Trees story proves that with hard work and dedication, you can achieve your dreams. Justin Mason started the company at just 13 years old, driven by a love of trees. Over the last decade, it has grown from two kids and a truck to the top Katy landscaping service. Now a certified arborist, Justin guides his talented team as they deliver top-notch landscaping services throughout the community.


Our Services

Mason Trees is your one-stop-shop for outdoor services in Katy, Texas. Whether you are designing an outdoor kitchen or just need help picking out the right flowers for your walkway, our budget-friendly service can help you.

Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming

Katy tree trimming improves both the health and appearance of trees. Our service will shape the canopy, lighten the load, and prevent branches from becoming hazards.

Tree Removal

Tree Removal

While typically a last resort, sometimes Katy tree removal is needed. We eliminate trees that are too damaged to save or are in the way.


Landscape Design and Construction

Boosting your curb appeal takes an artistic eye and a scientific approach. Our outdoor services experts plan all the landscaping and hardscaping elements, pulling them together into an outdoor oasis.

Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding

Once a tree is removed, the next step is eliminating the stump. Our Katy stump grinding service removes it, turns it into mulch, and preps the land for your next project.

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